Darwin Swimming Club runs three classes of squads, catering for a wide range of swimming abilities and personal goals.  We also have tailored memberships available for those wanting to swim as part of another sport, such as triathlon.


Weekly Training Schedule

The latest training scheulde for the week

Development Squads

These squads consist of three levels which are for swimmers who have completed ’learn to swim’ and want to develop their stroke or their fitness further.   Generally swimmers aged between 5 and 13 who are learning and consolidating their strokes, starting with the young swimmer just able to swim 25 metres and developing into a swimmer able to swim all four strokes for an extended set over an hour. 

Development squad swimmers may come to any of the four sessions.  Development squad swimmers train from 1 - 4 times per week, depending on their personal goals. 

Intermediate Squads

This squad is for swimmers who have progressed beyond the development squad and are looking to further their skill and fitness. They Cater for competetive and non Competetive swimmers 10 year +.


Intermediate squad swimmers may come to any of the six sessions. Intermediate sessions run from between an hour to an hour and a half.

Advance Squads

These Squads have a more intensive training regime and are aimed at the advancing swimmer who is looking more at competitive swimming, or takes their fitness seriously.   They cater for competitive swimmers from 13 years to 18+ with the ability to swim all four strokes strongly and complete between 2 - 6km sets over a 1.5 - 2 hour period.  

Four Advancement squad morning and four afternoon training sessions are offered each week.  Swimmers may attend any sessions depending on their personal goals.   Many competitive Advancement Squads swimmers train 5 - 8 times per week.  


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